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Has your organization noticed a significant increase in inquiries from the tax authorities?

  • Yes – very significant (41%)
  • Yes – quite significant (34%)
  • No – no change (17%)
  • No – inquiries have fallen very significantly (6%)
  • No – inquiries have fallen quite significantly (2%)

How good is the working relationship between your CFO and tax director?

  • Excellent (32%)
  • Above average (24%)
  • Average (18%)
  • Don't know/Not applicable (18%)
  • Not effective (6%)
  • Below average (2%)

Has the management of indirect taxes in your business gotten more or less complex in the past two years?

  • More complex (66%)
  • About the same (14%)
  • Don't know (11%)
  • Less complex (9%)

Which of the following best represents your firm's approach to international assignments?

  • We plan to keep about the same number of international assignments in the next two years (40%)
  • We plan to increase the number of international assignments in the next two years (27%)
  • We don't currently make use of international assignments (20%)
  • We plan to cut the number of international assignments in the next two years (13%)

Over the past 12 months, has your company experienced any of the following?

  • Unplanned tax audit (44%)
  • Unexpected tax assessment (30%)
  • Business interruption due to lack of compliance (26%)
  • Tax penalty (22%)

Does your firm report its sustainability performance alongside its financial performance?

  • Yes, as an integrated report (36%)
  • No (36%)
  • Yes, as a standalone report (28%)

Which of the following approaches do you believe would be most effective at reducing corporate carbon emissions in your market?

  • Tax credits for investing in cleaner behavior (50%)
  • A carbon tax (32%)
  • A cap and trade scheme (9%)
  • None of the above (9%)

If your firm is planning any M&A deals in the year ahead, which markets will it most likely focus on?

  • Developed markets (34%)
  • Other emerging markets (31%)
  • BRICS (24%)
  • Not applicable (11%)
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